Travel the World At Expo 2020: Top Things To See & Do

Expo 2020 is here! A world of adventure, excitement and inspiration awaits visitors to the first expo held in the Middle East and this year´s largest in-person event, except for the Olympics.

For the next six months, the 4.3 square kilometre site in the Dubai South district will bring together 192 countries in more than 200 pavilions to showcase art, architecture, music, technology and culture from around the world.

This global spectacular is the most diverse expo in history and takes place following a one-year delay because of coronavirus. The wait has been well worth it.

There´s loads to see and experience at Expo 2020, but here are some of the highlights to whet your appetite.

Food & Gastronomy

Expo 2020 is a paradise for foodies and culinary adventurers with a rich variety of cuisines, venues and gastronomic experiences in one location. Discover how to make lip-smacking, luscious and nutritious baked goods from the master bakers of Bread Ahead. This London-based bakery and baking school will provide insights into artisan baking and show you how easy baking good bread can be.

Then give your taste buds another delicious treat at the Rising Flavours food hall, a three-story venue showcasing the best of GCC cuisine. Dine in the first-floor restaurant, sample innovative food concepts that showcase the best of GCC cuisines and watch live cooking shows by some of the region´s most popular chefs.

For more fabulous fare, book a table at the Jubilee Gastronomy Restaurant overlooking the Expo´s Al Wasl Plaza and dine on signature four-course or nine-course meals created and prepared by a glittering array of Michelin-starred chefs.

F&B in Expo 2020

Expo 2020 Passport & Stamps 

Pick up a customisable passport from the Official Store that keeps a record of your journey as you travel the world at the expo. Get it stamped as you explore more than 200 pavilions. To celebrate the Golden Jubilee year of the United Arab Emirates, the passport includes a special page stamped in gold foil, featuring a 1971 photograph of the country´s founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Expo 2020 Passport

Sports Events

Sport lovers have a lot to look forward to with hundreds of sporting events and activities taking place throughout the expo. You can work up a sweat by participating or just simply watch others competing. Get active at the expo´s dedicated sports, fitness and wellbeing hub, which encompasses an indoor gym and fitness hall, a multipurpose court for basketball, volleyball and tennis. Participate in sports workshops and join a yoga session. If you´re feeling really energetic, put on your running shoes for ´Run the World´, a weekly running event around the expo´s Ghaf Avenue.


sports in Expo 2020 Dubai

Music & Festivals

With festivals, concerts and jamming sessions starring an eclectic mix of artists from around the world, the expo promises an exciting cultural immersion in global music. Go on an inspirational musical journey at Expo Beats, a monthly music festival that blends genres and creates fusions. Watch an impressive line-up of prominent acts from New York to New Delhi that encompasses distinct musical roots such as the island influences of Hawaii and the tribal beats of Tanzania.

Listen to world-renowned and emerging poets from Saudi Arabia and the wider Arabic-speaking world at two-hour poetry slams mixed with music from the KSA House Band. Tap into the traditional Arabic music scene when Khaleeji beats meet international music at jam sessions attended by international artists. Hear school choirs perform extracts from Al Wasl Opera accompanied by a professional orchestra. Another musical must-see is the Firdaus orchestra, a pioneering woman´s ensemble under the creative leadership of Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman.

It´s not only humans that are providing musical entertainment; robots are getting in on the act too. Head to the Germany Pavilion for a 21st-century take on Beethoven’s music and a concert played by robots. The musical machines fuse classical, rock, acoustic and electronic music to create memorable performances.

expo 2020 concerts

The Future of Transportation

For decades, films, books and television shows have predicted the future of transportation. Well, it´s already here and can be seen and experienced at Expo 2020. Marvel at the SpaceX reusable Falcon rocket at the USA Pavilion and enjoy a glimpse into the future of aircraft design at the Emirates Pavilion. Then come back down to earth and climb aboard the world´s first compressed Air Train for an unforgettable sightseeing tour.

Interact with Robots 

Technology has moved on at an incredible speed in recent years, and it´s become easier to make robots that act and appear like us. See some of them at Expo 2020. Meet an array of social robots that are designed to interact with humans. They´ll greet you, serve your drinks and perform unique displays.

You can also enjoy close encounters with cutting-edge baby robotic penguins at the Monaco Pavilion. Guide the realistic-looking droids through a series of challenges such as ice cracks and leopard seals.

Interact with robots in Expo 2020 Dubai

Explore the Emirati Culture & Heritage 

Culture lovers will be in their element at the expo with opportunities to soak up Emirati heritage, art and culture. Embark on a fascinating journey through time as Emirati storytellers, artists and artisans bring to life the story of a country and its people. Stroll along recreations of old Dubai´s narrow alleys to get a feel for the romance of yesteryear. Attend a monthly jam session to see and listen to top Arab artists in action.

Expo 2020 cultural events

Expo 2020 Dubai takes place between October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022. To step into this world of innovation, entertainment and awe-inspiring days, our travel experts are here to  help plan your transportation to the venue and book exceptional hotels close to the expo to make your time here even more comfortable and memorable.