Travel insurance

Before you travel, packing your suitcase can be stressful because you want to make good use of your space. Travel insurance is another thing to start getting arranged before your holiday. Thankfully, it takes no extra space in your suitcase and booking the right insurance plan is very simple.

Travelers who book a travel insurance plan with Safar enjoy:

  1. Worry-free holidays
  2. Medical emergencies coverage
  3. Insurance against unexpected mishaps
  4. Holiday payments insurance
  5. Affordable travel insurance rates

Outbound Travel Insurance

Single Trip

It is easy to forget the different things that can go wrong on a holiday. You might lose your travel documents, miss flight connections, lose your baggage, or have to pay for a medical emergency. You can counter all these issues by choosing the right insurance plan.

Plans start from AED 49 onwards

Annual Travel

If you are a frequent traveler, it’s time to rethink your standard travel insurance options. It makes more sense to choose an annual or multi-trip plan. Annual Travel insurance is perfect for business travelers who attend special events or conferences and travel frequently.

Plans start from AED 380 onwards

Inbound Travel Insurance

The inbound travel insurance is a comprehensive travel insurance plan for travelers visiting the UAE. This inbound insurance plan covers the cost of medical emergencies, including Covid-19.

Plans start from 59 AED onwards


Travel Insurance Products Especially For You


Adventure Travel Insurance

Are you excited about your high-adrenaline adventure holiday? Then this insurance is perfect for protecting both you and your equipment.

Baggage Insurance

Can’t find your bags or lost luggage? No worries. This plan covers the damage or loss of checked-in baggage, as well as your personal items.

Cancellation Insurance

Imagine having to cancel your dream holiday and losing all your money? This insurance fixes everything so that you can cancel without any cost.

Electronics Insurance

Are you planning on taking your expensive electronic items on holiday? Electronics insurance protects your items against loss or damage during transit.

Golf Insurance 

Are you a keen golfer? Then you will love this plan. It covers golf equipment, hires, and any liabilities to the public. So, you can focus 100% on your stroke!

Student Insurance

Are you a student that travels for your studies? Use this insurance to ensure you have no problems wherever you are in the world.

Travel Shopping Insurance

Spending money during a holiday is fun, but sometimes fraud occurs. Protect your cash and valuables and guard yourself against ATM withdrawals.

Winter Travel Insurance

Fly down the ski slopes with a smile. Your medical bills, piste closure, loss, theft, or damage to owned or hired equipment are all covered.

Book Your Travel Insurance with ease

Traveling with insurance is the best way to travel. Our experienced travel consultants can help you pick the right insurance. You can travel with a cloak of security, knowing you are fine whatever happens. You will have the best travel insurance plan. So, you can relax completely on your trip and handle anything that comes your way, stress-free.

Get in touch with us now to discuss your travel insurance options.