Meet our team – Paula

Paula Liwanag


Paula grew up in the Philippines and always dreamed of travelling the world. As she was growing up she discovered that the world had the potential for endless possibilities, and that travel would be the perfect way to pursue them. Fast forward to today and Paula is now a seasoned traveller who has made her passion into her job.

With 15 years travel consultancy experience in the region, Paula believes that travel is the ‘spice of life’. She prides herself on her knowledge and ability to create unparalleled itineraries for her clients.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Jumping from a 12-meter waterfall and the thrill of being in a hot air balloon

What makes a good travel consultant?

It’s all about attention to detail – checking passports and visas, carefully organizing itineraries…and even the small stuff like checking out the weather forecast.

How would you sum up travel?

Unforgettable lifetime memories