Meet our team – Darryl

Darryl Sequeira


Darryl is passionate about travel as it reveals so much about history, culture and nature. As a child he always wanted to travel so he could get first-hand experience of what other lands could offer. His choice to make travel his profession has certainly brought this to life.

Darryl’s history in the travel industry began when he chose to major in Travel and Tourism at university and since 1986 he has worked in several world leading travel agencies. Today he is keen to share his experience to provide professional development to Safar’s consultants. His expertise is invaluable to everyone.

How did your love of travel start?

During my school and college days, I kept a vast collection of books from National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, Fodors etc. and it inspired me for life.

What makes a good travel consultant?

Passion and excellent customer care. Plus, it’s important to always improve professional goals and competencies in the travel field. That’s why I enjoy coaching and mentoring so much.

How would you sum up travel?

Travel goes beyond temporary material things, the experience it brings is invaluable. It leaves us with something that lasts forever.