Meet our team – Anthony

Anthony Mendonca


When you believe that life exists ‘out there’, it becomes important to first find out what life is like right here on this wonderful planet.

Travel is truly holistic; it feeds and fuels us with experiences rich in emotional content, with a sense of adventure, learning, social connection, lasting friendships, business opportunities, and self-rejuvenation (to name a few). Travel helps us to learn about ourselves and our place in the universe.

While travel is primarily an uplifting experience for me, it does drive home that the world we live in is fraught with inequality. Without travel, we would not have had our eyes opened to this fact. Utilizing this knowledge, we can now work together to make the world a better place if we are willing to do so.

For me, travel has always been about sharing experiences, showing the children what the world has to offer and looking beyond our own limitations to the infinite possibilities that exist. It has been about witnessing technology at its finest and, conversely, finding places that have limited technological advances but are rich in social interaction. These are the places and communities that embody the spirit of Ubuntu.

With family spread to all corners of the world, travel gives me a sense of freedom to explore knowing that there is a place to come home to, wherever I am.

I love travel because it helps me to re-connect with myself. It’s this whole experience of doing new things, seeing new places and crossing them off on the world map, shopping, dining out, and the challenge of communicating in another language and finding out just how much more there is to learn.

Most of all, I love travel for the memories that it makes. As time goes by, it’s those memories that will reconnect us to the people and moments that we gave our love to.

In the words of Jackie Chan: “Travel, your money will return. Your time won’t.”


What is your most memorable travel experience?

Every travel experience has been memorable and fulfilling for different reasons: visiting family, cross country driving, seeing places that I had only read about previously, connecting with people of different cultures, experiencing the natural wonders and the man-made wonders of the world, and yes, there was the cuisine and the music that fed my soul. So, no matter how hard I try to pinpoint my most memorable travel experience, I just can’t.

I can, however, say that Switzerland is the country I enjoy visiting the most. There is something about this beautiful picturesque nation tucked away in the mountains that I have not found elsewhere, and if you haven’t been yet, consider putting Switzerland on your list of countries to visit at least once in your lifetime.


What makes a good travel consultant?

Today, with the technology and information so readily available, the customer is much more informed and discerning than in the recent past. So, let’s look beyond the product knowledge and efficiency level that today’s travel consultants are expected to have.

Key traits of contemporary travel consultants are curiosity and a desire for continuous improvement. They should have the right attitude toward the demands of the job and toward the customer, staying up to date with the constantly changing and improving technology. The best contemporary travel consultants recognize the power of social media, self-belief, and integrity.


How would you sum up travel?

It is a part of our DNA to look beyond the horizon and to wonder what lies beyond.

There is a quote from St. Augustine that sums it up beautifully, and this is what it says: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”