Opportunity amidst adversity with retreat concept staycations

Safar Travel thinks outside the box finding opportunity amidst adversity with retreat concept staycations 

Safar offers unconventional holiday options through a staycation retreat concept that targets health, wellbeing, self-development and adventure.

As many residents seek different ways of experiencing the UAE amidst challenging global times, Safar Travel & Tourism creatively launches a new and innovative approach to holidays through staycation retreats that focus on self-development, emotional and physical wellbeing and adventure.

The first of these retreats will be held across two days, from 5 – 6 February 2022, where staycationers will indulge themselves physically and mentally into a reflective holiday. Besides breathtaking views of the sea, the Wellness Retreat will offer healing-induced activities with holistic therapist and wellness coach, Vandana Mendonca, and yoga instructor Vera Kamaeva.

Speaking about these offers, Anthony Mendonca, General Manager of Safar Travel said, “As we collectively navigate through such unprecedented times, particularly for the travel and tourism sector, Safar took the time to listen to its customers to offer unique opportunities and explore unconventional business solutions. Through surveying the community, we recognized a growing need for exclusive, luxurious getaways that can help us revive our inner beings through health and wellbeing. So, we designed the “Infinite Possibilities Wellness Retreat” to give the community an engaging way to recharge while developing themselves and overcoming personal challenges.”

He also added, “In such difficult global times, it is important to remain resilient and innovative. With the customer at the heart of everything we do, we found an opportunity amidst the pandemic to help people in combatting mental stress and reigniting their passion, while focusing on their physical wellbeing. The last couple of years have been a real struggle for many and what they need now is a special retreat that will rejuvenize them from within. It will be a life-changing, full-body experience. This is an entirely new concept in this region, yet has become an emerging demand since COVID. At Safar, we believe difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations, and with this retreat concept too” stated Mendonca.

Therefore, Safar Travel & Tourism partnered with the deluxe 5-star resort, Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, presenting vacationers with a spectacular view of Abu Dhabi against the sea, a stunning landscape overlooking the landmark Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, healthy and succulent meals at Michelin-star restaurants, and fun-filled meditating classes. While maintaining COVID safety precautions and physical distancing, the retreat promises a paradise of peace and relaxation encouraging whole-body healing to revitalize your mind, unlock your full potential and pump up your energy.

Within the experience, guests will be treated to yoga sessions, reflection classes, card-reading, and music-inspired healing tips. Inclusive of a one-night stay at the hotel, the holiday haven also includes meals and refreshments throughout the two-day retreat, in addition to access to the beach and pool making it a memorable vacation for the entire family to enjoy.

In his closing remarks, Mendonca stated, “Our next retreat will be a one-day desert adventure for the whole family to enjoy. With the weather being great for outdoor activities this is the perfect time to connect with our nature, another form of wellbeing in a fun-filled desert environment!”

Safar Travel & Tourism is a member of Al Fahim Group and was established in 1966. Having advanced with the ever-changing market year-on-year, Safar continues to evolve offering customers customized expert advice, full-fledged holiday packages and much more to meet the market’s new demands.