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     GoAir Launches Flights from Mumbai and Delhi to Abu Dhabi International Airport
Abu Dhabi Airports has welcomed GoAir’s launch of daily new flights connecting the two most important Indian cities - Mumbai and Delhi to the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi.
GoAir’s inaugural flight from Mumbai and Delhi to Abu Dhabi was received with warmth and fanfare, as the Indian subcontinent remains one of the most popular destinations for travelers departing from the UAE. Delhi is the capital of India and Mumbai is considered as the financial capital of the world’s 6th largest economy.
Maarten De Groof, Chief Commercial Officer of Abu Dhabi Airports, said: “I reiterate the fact that GoAir is our most promising new partner and we are pleased to welcome GoAir’s flights from Mumbai and Delhi to Abu Dhabi. India continues to be been one of our largest and most important areas of operations, and we and look forward to ensuring GoAir’s guests enjoy a comfortable and efficient experience throughout Abu Dhabi International Airport where we continue to deploy world-class smart travel solutions, attractive retail offerings, and relaxing lounge spaces.
“This additional service to Abu Dhabi reflects the capital’s status as a key destination and transit hub for business and leisure travelers, forms a part of our strategy to attract new airlines to our network, and will support tourism growth in the Emirate,” added De Groof.
Mr. Jeh Wadia, Managing Director of GoAir, said: “Our daily flights between Mumbai/ Delhi and Abu Dhabi is a manifestation of GoAir’s vision for the Middle East. Here we are, in less than six months, with a new set of routes that symbolizes business and leisure and also reminds us of the historically strong Indian–UAE relationship. GoAir is India’s fastest growing airline and we see Abu Dhabi as the logical extension of our operations. GoAir is delighted to work with Abu Dhabi Airports and its management. I welcome aboard passengers from Mumbai, Delhi and Abu Dhabi on daily direct flight services. FlySmart, fly GoAir.
Earlier this year, GoAir and Safar Travel & Tourism announced the inauguration of the airline’s first flight between Kannur International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport. GoAir is India’s fastest growing airline, committed to providing travelers value for their money through the highest standards of customer service delivery and affordable air fares. With its 50 Airbus A320 fleet of aircraft, the airline offers more than 270 daily flights and approximately 1,600 weekly flights across domestic and international destinations.

Nasair passengers utilize Executive lounges services
ِAs a new progress step to develop nasair services provided to its international flights passengers; nasair signed successfully agreements with several international airports to allow nasair passengers to utilize the executive lounges facilities.

According to Mr. Turki Al Jawini nasair sales director, the new service enables the international flights passengers who buy their tickets through, to have the option of advance booking for the executive lounges service paid at less than 20-25% of the normal prices in those airports. This service allows travelers to use the executive lounges and enjoy all its legacy services, which gives more comfortable and convenience for nasair passengers. The importance of this service as well, added Al Jawini “it obtain the desire of businessmen and executives segment, which represent 37% of nasair passengers”.

Mr. Turki Al Jawini noted that “the agreement includes in its first stage 10 airports which are: Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Kuwait, Amman, Damascus, Beirut, Sharm el-Sheikh, Khartoum, Sanaa and Mumbai”. We still, added Al Jawini “continue our efforts to expand the service to cover all nasair destinations”.
AL Jawini mentioned, the new services coming among continuous effort from nasair to exceed the services  for our customers such as web chick-in, seat selection, early paid for excess language, hotel booking and other services which come beyond our customers expectations and needs in application of the concept of ‘Smart Services’ which is one of nasair four values: “Youngest Fleet, On Time, Competitive Fares and Smart Services”.

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