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Safar Travel & Tourism L.L.C Employees reach 30 Years of Service

Average stay of a Safar staff member is 15 years
Abu Dhabi:- 
Yesterday, Al Fahim Group’s executive board of directors recognized their loyal employees from the group’s travel arm, Safar Travel & Tourism L.L.C for reaching milestones of five to thirty years of service and dedication to the family business at Al Fahim Group Headquarters in Mussafah.
His Excellency Saeed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, Chairman of Al Fahim Group, and Mr. Rashed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, Managing Director of Al Fahim Group, presented each of the employees with appreciation certificates.
“The service award is a valuable component of Al Fahim Group’s overall employee recognition efforts since the 1980s,” commented Mr. Saeed. “We have a great number of staff members who have been working with the family for over 30, and we are pleased to honor them. They have witnessed the organization in its early beginnings when the late founder, Abdul Jalil Al Fahim (mercy upon him), used to steer the group and their presence ensures we maintain the spirit and culture the late founder instilled.”
Mr. Rashed added, “We wish to continue honoring more employees each year as it’s a sign of their loyalty towards the family and the business.” By appreciating them, Al Fahim Group encourages a culture of positivity and high productivity. Moreover, to ensure sustainability, it is important to induce a performance rewarding environment, where employees are motivated to work harder for the organization.
Staff members who had joined in the 70s reminisced of the early days when Abu Dhabi’s modest international airport had just opened.
A total of 3 employees were recognized by Al Fahim Group’s Board of Directors.
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