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  05/03/2010 Receives the Pan Arab Web Awards Academy First Prize for the third year.
Safar Travel & Tourism web site ( has been awarded the first prize by the Pan Arab Web Awards Academy at the academy celebration on the 5th DEC.09 at Jumaira Beach hotel in Dubai, as UAE’s Best Travel & Tourism web site.
 “This award is a tribute to each of Safar’s IT and web administration employees for without their efforts and perseverance, we would not have reached this far. is the first fully automated travel website in the Middle East. The site allows you access to 1000’s of products which you can book and pay for with a credit card online. This is the only site of its kind with access to global flights, hotels, cars and attractions – all at the click of your mouse! enhances our business travel services by allowing our clients the freedom to book with Safar wherever they are in the world, whenever. Secure in the knowledge that they are accessing a Safar service and which also allows cost reductions of up to 15% for simple transactions.” praised Mr. Mohammed  Amiri during his speech at the awards ceremony. “Our goal is to continue reaching for excellence through continuously enhancing our online presence & customer relationship management system and expanding our services all over the world through the world web.” 
His Excellency Mr. Sraye Ali Al-Qahtani- consultant & deputy General consular of  Qatar State handing over the Award to Mr. Mohammed Amiri

Earlier this year, Safar Travel & Tourism was also awarded the Middle East’s Leading Business Travel Agency and Abu Dhabi’s Leading Travel Agency by the most internationally recognized award in travel, tourism and hospitality – the World Travel Awards Oscars. And awarded  the 12th International Transport Award for its global quality services
The Pan Arab Web Awards Academy in association with MICROSOFT, BSA, MSN & AYNA created the awards to recognize excellence in web design, development and web ownership skills to showcase their creativity in a competition for the best website in the Pan Arab Region.

Pan Arab Web Awards aims to serve as an inspiration, archive and at the same time reward creators for their skills so that they continue to improve it. It is also to promote the innovative spirit of web designers to meet professional and international standards, to promote intellectual and production opportunities, as well as to develop an interactive proactive and reactive community that aims at providing recognition to this e-sector in the most superlative way.


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