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SAFAR Wins in UAE Web Awards Competition

UAE Web Awards Committee has selected Safar Travel & Tourism as one of the top three winners of their prestigious website award at an elegant gala dinner in Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai on 15 November 2007

“Safar and Cactimedia, our web designers, have dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort to create a user-friendly, informative and interactive website for our customers around the world. Safar website affirms the agency’s loyalty towards its customers by facilitating communication and strengthening its relationships,” stated Mr. Mohammed Al Amiri, General Manager of Safar.   “Safar website is a perfect example of our core value of Substance, which emphasizes our enduring quality and reliability. Cactimedia, thank you for your devotion to our website, and to the UAE Web Committee, many thanks for your recognition,” praised Mr. Al Amiri at the awards ceremony.

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