GoAir becomes Go First

Go Air, one of the fastest growing airlines in India and “India’s most trusted brand” as recognized by International Brand Consulting Corporation, U.S.A in 2019, has revamped to become Go First.

The airline’s growth has been phenomenal in the Gulf region since the launch of their first flight to Abu Dhabi in February 2019, followed by Muscat, Dubai, Kuwait, and Dammam. All these destinations were launched within a short span of 15 months, showcasing the airline’s commitment for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). As the world changes the way it travels, seeking speed, convenience, and yet demanding value, Go First is determined to be part of the socio-economic momentum to chart its next phase of growth.

At the heart of this revamp is the full embrace of the ultra-low-cost airline model. With the youngest average fleet among Indian LCC carriers, majority of which are A320 Neos, high-density seating, single aircraft type across its fleet, Go First is positioned to get ahead of its peer group by operating with ultra-low cost. And it is this competitive advantage that enables the airline to offer its customers a combination of ultra-competitive fares and a safe flying experience.

To communicate this change, Go First also rebranded its identity. The new identity is complete with contemporary graphics and a bolder, brighter blue. With this change, Go First is poised for its next phase of growth as an ultra-low cost carrier. The Airline is in the process of transitioning all its operations under this new brand.

Go First, Go Air

Commenting on this brand restage, Vice Chairman, Ben Baldanza said, “I am excited about the revamp of GoAir to Go First. India is a fast-developing airline market. Consumers in India are hugely value conscious but are quite demanding when it comes to flying experience. The combinations of attractive airfares, a squeaky-clean flying experience, well sanitized flights and on time performance is what Go First is designed to deliver. And that is exactly at the core of our brand and service. At Go First, our consumers Come First.

Kaushik Khona, CEO of Go First, had this to say. “Go First has stayed resilient during the really tough times of the past 16 months. Even as the times continue to be extraordinary, Go First sees opportunities ahead. This rebranding reflects our confidence in the brighter tomorrow. The Go First Team will strive to deliver the brand and make “You Come First” a reality.”  

In an interview with Anthony Mendonca, General Manager of Safar Travel and Tourism – General Sales Agent for the Indian airline Go First in Abu Dhabi, he commented, “GO First, the rebranded name reminds me of Bob Dylan’s rallying anthem to the youth of the 60’s with his song ‘The Times, They Are A-Changing’. While the premise then was different, a rebranded Go First has a similar appeal that attracts the younger generation who see themselves as ‘early adopters’ or as ‘pioneers.”

Anthony continued, “Covid-19 has impacted the world much longer than anticipated and has been a catalyst in driving much needed change. Some change has come about through attrition, but most of it has come through human ingenuity, and innovation. You could even say it is a step forward in the evolution of thought leadership that drives the wheels of commerce and industry.”

In his closing remarks, Anthony added, “Go First is suitable poised to take the aviation industry by storm through competitive pricing and a safe customer experience. As the GSA for Go First, Safar Travel and Tourism is excited about the future of the Low-Cost Carrier market as a whole and wish Go First every success.”