Educational Travel

Beyond the classroom with educational travel


Educational travelling is incredibly beneficial for youth and offers a life-changing experience for students. Besides being fun, collaborative and enlightening, educational trips are an exceptional way for students to develop their interpersonal skills, gain new life experiences, develop enthusiasm for learning and become more culturally aware.


Impact of educational travel on students



Personal benefits of school trips for students

-Independence & responsibility
-Cultural diversity awareness
-Confidence & determination


Benefits of educational trips for school students

-Social & emotional intelligence
-Organization & punctuality


Academic impact of educational trips for students

-Further discovery
-Deeper connection
-Higher motivation
-Seeing learning from a different perspective


Benefits of educational trips for students

-Enhanced career choices
-Boosts career path
-Higher potential for further
education qualifications

Safar Educational Trips

Whether it’s a school leisure trip, international competition or an educational trip, at Safar, our travel consultants partner with educators to facilitate a new dimension of learning, through creating student-centric travel programs.

We leverage our network and destination expertise to provide educators with a wide range of flexible programs that fit their travel goals, schedule and budget.


So, what do our programs involve?

We ensure that your educational trip is seamlessly organized, productive and inspiring.

Apart from the support of your Program/Group Manager, we ensure that your travel group has access to 24/7 dedicated support accompanied by on-the-ground support and emergency contacts.

Here are just some of the elements that make our programs so successful:

  • Meticulous scheduling
  • Provision for cultural connections
  • Skills development activities
  • Excellent accommodation
  • Arrangement of flights, transfers & transportation
  • Carefully organized tours
  • Provision of dietary plans
  • Safety and emergency support 24/7
Educational Field Trip To Museum