Located just off the east coast of Kenya, Seychelles is made up of 115 unique islands that each offer something different to its visitors. Many of the islands have UNESCO nature reserve sites and marine sanctuaries and exist to protect species that are native to the island (such as the giant Aldabra tortoise and the Coco de mer forbidden fruit). Seychelles visitors will be able to hike its mountains, take in the vast oceanic views, walk through the dense tropical forests, and observe wildlife in their natural habitat. Stroll into the capital city of Victoria to experience a diverse culture like no other or stay back and bask in the sun on white sandy beaches that are only accessible by private yachts. Every type of traveler will find paradise and true relaxation on the granite and coral islands of Seychelles.

Destination highlights

  • White sandy beaches and azure ocean
  • Granite mountains that give the islands a very unique look
  • Native wildlife
  • Warm tropical climate
  • World class diving spots
  • The tasty cuisine
  • Easy to pair up with a safari in Africa

Activities to do

  • Dive into the azure ocean water
  • Stroll through Victoria’s Public Market
  • See the giant Aldabra tortoises on the granite island of Curieuse
  • Explore the vintage La Digue’s Coconut Plantation House
  • Try hiking & rock climbing
  • Water activities (windsurfing, water skiing & paragliding)
  • Take a boat trip to Curieuse and Cousin Island

Country details

  • Location: In the Indian Ocean off East Africa
  • Language: Creole, English, and French
  • Currency: Seychelles Rupee (SCR)
  • Cuisine: Unique fusion of the Arabian, African, Chinese, European, and Indian cuisines
  • Airport: Seychelles International Airport
  • Flight Duration: 4.5 hours from Dubai

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