Located just south of India where the Indian and Arabian Seas meet. The Maldives consists of a gorgeous chain of 1,200 islands spread out over 26 coral atolls. The Maldives is well-known for the white sand beaches, diverse array of ocean life, blue lagoons, and miles of turquoise water and clear open skies. Many of the villas are built on stilts over the water, so you will be mere steps from the water during your entire stay. Whether it’s through the kindness of the locals, the beauty of the land, or the delicacy of the cuisine, the Maldives will amaze you with its welcoming nature.


Destination highlights

  • Crystal clear water & pristine white sand
  • Diverse marine life
  • Endless water activities
  • Stunning views & magical sunsets
  • Experience living amidst the ocean
  • Privacy and seclusion
  • Luxury & pampering
  • Mouth-watering cuisine

Activities to do

  • Go scuba diving or snorkeling
  • Explore the islands’ coral reefs from within a Whale Submarine
  • Try windsurfing and water-skiing
  • Plane hop from atoll to atoll by an air taxi
  • Explore Male and suburbs
  • Visit the National Museum
  • Take a picnic to Sultan Park
  • Explore the diverse Maldivian cuisine

Country details

  • Location: In the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean.
  • Language: Dhivehi. English is widely spoken in resorts.
  • Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)
  • Cuisine: The Maldivian cuisine mainly consists of seafood with Arabic, Indian, and Sri Lankan influences
  • Airport: Malé Ibrahim Nasir International Airport
  • Flight Duration: 4.5 hours from Abu Dhabi

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