Malaysia is a diverse and complex destination that has something for every type of traveler. The adventurous soul can trek through ancient rainforests which open up into multicultural city life or explore the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, marked by its iconic Petronas Twin Towers. Laid-back travelers can find a more quaint, quiet, and historical feel while wandering around in the charming city of Melaka. The melting pot of Malaysia has both bustling cities as well as national parks that are packed with wildlife just waiting to be seen. Delicious cuisine, breathtaking beaches, idyllic islands, and more will be your reality in Malaysia.

Destination highlights

  • Beaches, islands & caves
  • Cultural diversity
  • Continental food
  • Rain forest
  • Tropical climate & unique wildlife
  • UNESCO Heritage sites
  • Festivals for every season
  • Modern architecture

Activities to do

  • Sunbathe in Langkawi
  • Sample some local flavor with Nasi Kandar
  • Enjoy the culture in Malacca
  • Meander around Penang
  • Go trekking in Taman Negara National Park
  • Explore the culture in Kota Bharu
  • Get away in the Genting Highlands
  • Explore the Batu Caves
  • Escape the city in Cameron Highlands

Country details

  • Location: Southeast Asia
  • Language: Malay
  • Currency: Malaysian ringgit
  • Cuisine: The Malaysian cuisine is a mixture of cooking cultures from India, China, the Middle East, Indonesia, and several European countries.
  • Airport: Kuala Lumpur, Penang & Kota Kinabalu International Airports
  • Flight Duration: 7 hours from Abu Dhabi

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