Albania is an up-and-coming destination that has more to offer than you could ever imagine. This small Balkan country contains some of the most stunning views in all of Europe and is perfect for those who love nature. Whether you’re hiking the Albanian Alps, jumping on a ferry, or wandering around an Old City, beauty abounds.

Albania’s rich cultural history intrigues visitors and it’s the ultimate destination to explore ancient sites and architecture. The enchanting castles and cobblestone streets will bring you back in time with their magical touches. During your time here you can dine on delicious Mediterranean dishes in the small coastal towns or enjoy the nightlife in the capital city of Tirana. Although Albania is a tiny country, there’s always more to see and do and never enough time.

Destination highlights

  • Albanians are extremely welcoming and helpful
  • The country has incredible biodiversity
  • Its beaches are some of the most stunning in Europe
  • There are remains from the Ottoman Empire to discover
  • Albanian seafood is fresh and delectable
  • You can explore caves, waterfalls, canyons, and glacial lakes
  • Breathtaking ferry rides
  • Several UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Activities to do

  • Ride in the cable car that overlooks Tirana from the mountains
  • Explore Bunk’Art, an old underground nuclear bunker
  • Stroll through Skanderbeg Square and Museum
  • Hike to the top of the Albanian Alps
  • Visit Lekuresi Castle, Berat Castle, Kruje Castle, and Gjirokaster Castle
  • See Et’hem Bey Mosque, the Palace of Culture, and the Clock Tower
  • Wander around the timeless Old Towns in Berat
  • Traverse Valbona Valley and Thethi national parks
  • Take part in xhiro, a nightly walking ritual with one’s neighbors

Country details

  • Location: Southeastern Europe
  • Language: Albanian
  • Currency: Albanian Lek (ALL)
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean
  • Airport: Tirana & Kukës International Airports
  • Flight Duration: 5 hours from Abu Dhabi

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