Corporate Travel

In such a dynamic and ever-changing global business climate, corporate travel has become essential for many corporations driving high demand for custom-made solutions. We are here to help you manage your specific travel requirements.


Safar’s corporate travel program enables you to:

  • Increase travel savings through our strategic assistance and access to global networks
  • Reduce travel-related administrative work through dedicated support team
  • Increase the travelers’ engagement and productivity with a clear & simple travel process
Corporate travel, Businessman Using Laptop in Plane

Why Safar for Corporate Travel?

  • Experience: 55 years of successful corporate travel management & smart travel solutions to corporates of all sizes
  • Bargain power: our superior relations with our suppliers ensure offering the best prices to our clients
  • Communication power: through regular updates on the market condition and pricing
  • Network power: through our years of operation we built our own network of trusted & tested suppliers all over the globe to match the travel requirements of our clients and exceed the expectations
  • Personalization: we understand that every business/traveler has special travel requirements, so we understand our client’s travel policy and travel requirements to provide them with unique and smart travel experience
  • Increase employee satisfaction: the employees of our travel partners receive exclusive deals on their personal bookings 

At Safar we offer support you can rely on anytime, anywhere.