Corporate Travel

Travel in ease with assistance from the best corporate travel agency in the UAE

In such a dynamic and ever-changing global business climate, corporate travel has become essential for many corporations driving high demand for custom-made solutions. We are here to help you manage your specific travel requirements.

Safar’s corporate travel program enables you to:

  • Increase travel savings through our strategic assistance and access to global networks 
  • Reduce travel-related administrative work through dedicated support team
  • Increase the travelers’ engagement and productivity with a clear & simple travel process
Corporate travel, Businessman Using Laptop in Plane

What makes Safar one of the best corporate travel agencies?

  • Experience: 55 years of successful corporate travel management & smart travel solutions to corporates of all sizes
  • Bargain power: our superior relations with our suppliers ensure offering the best prices to our clients
  • Communication power: through regular updates on the market condition and pricing
  • Network power: through our years of operation we built our own network of trusted & tested suppliers all over the globe to match the travel requirements of our clients and exceed the expectations
  • Personalization: we understand that every business/traveler has special travel requirements, so we understand our client’s travel policy and travel requirements to provide them with unique and smart travel experience
  • Increase employee satisfaction: the employees of our travel partners receive exclusive deals on their personal bookings 

Choose Safar as your corporate travel provider

At Safar we offer support you can rely on anytime, anywhere. So no matter if you are on the road or in front of your computer, our team is here to answer your questions. We will provide you with assistance on the spot, maintain updated information and reply to all requests swiftly.

Make corporate traveling easier with Safar!

With over 5 decades of experience to our credit, Safar is one of the leading travel agencies in the UAE. We cover all industry verticals ensuring tailor-made solutions to match your business travel needs. Safar offers end-to-end support through our global connectivity and network of contact centers. We at Safar understand that travel requirements are not standard which makes them unique; therefore we strive to offer customized services that suit your budget and needs.

At Safar we offer support you can rely on anytime, anywhere.