About Us

The pioneers of UAE travel

Safar Travel & Tourism’s story began in 1966, when the late Abdul Jalil Al Fahim realized the exciting potential of travel and opened the doors to what was then Abdul Jalil Travel Agency. One of the only agencies of its kind, it soon became a pioneer in the UAE’s travel sector. Today the Abdul Jalil Al Fahim legacy lives on; from modest beginnings, Safar Travel & Tourism has grown to become the award-winning travel division of the ALFAHIM Group by winning several high-niche international travel awards:



We are the General Sales Agents (GSA) for Middle East Airlines (MEA), Swiss International Air Lines, Cathay Pacific, and Go First. Our offering also includes a wide range of travel and tourism-related services supported by an intercontinental network of associates and representatives.

Leveraging on five decades of travel expertise, we provide unrivalled experiences that encompasses everything from trip planning through to your safe return home. Our travel consultants are passionate professionals who manage your travel and offer personalized services. These include selecting flight routes, booking accommodation and activities, arranging transportation, providing bespoke concierge services and much more.

Our consultants

Anthony Mendonca General Manager
Mofida Omer Travel Consultant
Suzan Yousef Travel Consultant
Paula Liwanag Business Development Executive
Arlene Sinot Tour Consultant

Safar Travel & Tourism is a multiple award-winning travel management company