8 family vacations to create magical memories

Family vacations are the perfect time to have family fun. You can travel to a safe destination and have the time of your life. Imagine super relaxed parents and happy  kids. It can be a multigenerational trip of a lifetime. You can create some precious family memories that will last forever. 

You can opt for a high-energy adventure trip or enjoy a thrilling wildlife safari. Or take a more relaxing approach and soak up the sun. There are so many choices. You could select a different one every year. Plus, the best news is, when you choose the right family vacation, everybody is happy!

Read on to discover the eight best trips for your next family vacation.

1- All-inclusive beach resorts

Everybody loves the sun! You can pick a stunning all-inclusive beach resort and do nothing. The whole family will enjoy the sun, sea, and sand chill-out vibes. Also, you have unlimited food, drinks, snacks & desserts so everybody can eat and drink their favorite things. But don’t forget to splash on the sunblock before you all top up the tan.


Plus, if your family does fancy some action, there are baby clubs, kids’ clubs, and adult activities. Some resorts even cater to teenagers, with activities like beach volleyball, boat parties, and watersports. So, nobody will feel left out. 

Family all-inclusive resort, maldives

Adaaran Club Rannalhi, Maldives

Family cruise trips

2- Cruise trips & expeditions

A cruise trip is a fantastic family experience on the beautiful, blue sea. Onboard activities include everything to keep you and all the family occupied. Fitness classes, kids’ clubs, nightclubs, and swimming pools, the list is endless. You can also explore stunning port cities on family-friendly expeditions.

You’ll also find that there are round-the-clock activities on a cruise. Perfect if you have a restless child. Or if a member of your family is a bit of a night owl. Also, if you have a fussy eater in your group, the many dining options will fix this problem.

3- Adventure trips

Adventure travel is the perfect way to entertain all your family and have some high-action fun. There are so many options to pick from to get that adrenaline pumping and the positive energy flowing!

If your family likes to push themselves, a family skiing trip could be the best option. These trips are ideal for multigenerational travel, as there is something for everyone. Pick a location where different ski slopes are on offer and beginner classes for the newbies.

Hiking is also something the whole family can do. The different trails and levels of difficulty allow everybody to pick what’s best for them. Everybody can get involved, whatever their age. You can also collect some “natural” presents on the way.

ski family trip
Family safari in Africa

4- Wildlife safari

The look on the faces of your family when they see an animal in the wild is priceless! You can create a checklist for your children, so they can cross off the animals they see on your family trip.

Seeing an animal in its natural habitat is so much more exciting than visiting the zoo. You’ll probably find that your children will pick a favorite animal from their safari experience, and it will stick with them forever.

5- Theme & Water park vacations

If you love the thrill of a theme ride or creating a big splash in a waterpark, you will love this family vacation. Theme and waterpark vacations are not only for the younger members of the family. Everybody will be squealing with delight on this family trip.

There are always different theme park rides and water slides to match your nerves. You can set a competition in your family to find out who is the bravest. Don’t forget to take a family photo when you are all hurtling down the fastest ride together. Even the grandparents will find fun on the gentler rides! 

theme park trip

Longbeach Campground, Ras Al-Khaimah

6- Camping & outdoor trips

With so many beautiful locations, it’s not a case of when to go but where to go. the amazing Liwa Oasis can give your family a wonderful camping experience. Or how about a bit of dune bashing at the red sands of Lahbab desert. 

Camping in the great outdoors can revitalize everybody. It is one of the most popular pastimes in UAE for weekends but is ideal for a more extended family vacation. Camping in a tent or in a caravan for the older family members can be a quality bonding experience. Your children can discover the flora and fauna during the day, such as Arabian oryx. Then at night you can enjoy the beauty of the stars above.

7- Cultural trips

Do you like to visit art galleries and museums? Or find out the local history of where you are staying? You can start to fuel the imagination of your children. By making your vacation a little educational. It is an incredible way to create a multigenerational travel experience.

Or you can immerse your family further into the local culture. It is a fantastic way to educate your children and build their confidence. It will help them see the world in a different manner and might inspire future family trips. 

cultural trip

 Louvre museum, Paris

volunteering trips

8- Volunteering trips

You could always enjoy a family trip with a difference. How about helping others on your family vacation? Safar Travel will do the research for you and recommend the best options for your family.

You might be working with non-profit organizations or helping a local natural reserve. You can come back from your trip feeling great. When you know you have helped somebody else? It’s another excellent way to build up the confidence of your children & teach them some valuable lessons.

Book Family Vacations Everybody Loves

Family trips are on the rise, and it doesn’t matter how old you are. Multigenerational travel can be so rewarding for the family. Everybody can chill together and enjoy a fantastic family vacation. Consider having a family meeting to check out the options above. Then get in touch with our expert holiday consultants to book your favorite trip, so you can start to get excited as a family. We create exactly what you want so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the best family vacation ever.