7 Reasons Why You Need To Travel In 2021

2021 is the time to press your play button on travel. After a long time protecting ourselves, travel restrictions are now easing. We can now plan our next trip and get back to happy holidays. Think about all the new things you can experience this year.
There is no need to put your holiday plans on hold. You can pull out the suitcase and get ready to embrace life again with your friends and loved ones. Here are seven compelling reasons why 2021 will be your best vacation year yet. 

1- You Deserve a Wellness Getaway

Yes, you! The past 16 months have been incredibly stressful. All UAE travelers have had to follow the travel restrictions. You might make several trips a year, but you have had to stay at home. Or perhaps you have been meeting with your colleagues online. It can all become draining.

You can now book that wellness getaway and completely relax. Plus, it’s good for you. A study found that mixing mediation with a holiday can boost your wellbeing. So, relax and do nothing, or pamper yourself with a well-earned massage. The choice is 100% yours.

7 Reasons Why You Need To Travel In 2021

2- You Can Hug Your Family and Friends at Last

You might not have traveled to your home country due to the restrictions. It is a long time to be separated from the people that you love. Whether you are traveling from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you can finally plan the trip and hug your friends and family.

UAE travelers can now travel to several green list countries and catch up with their loved ones. When you see your family and friends, it will be the ultimate trip for 2021. So why not think about booking two visits to see them. That way you won’t be so sad when the holiday is over. You’ll be looking forward to your next trip.

7 Reasons Why You Need To Travel In 2021

3- Mesmerizing Destinations That Are Just a Short Flight Away

Traveling from the UAE doesn’t have to take time. Some unique green list countries are close to home. So, you easily fit them into your busy schedule and pick a place that inspires you. Our top picks are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Uzbekistan.

You can visit Armenia with its beautiful landscapes and fascinating history. Or walk around Baku city in Azerbaijan, or see the ancient rock art. You could hike up beautiful Mount Kazbegi in Georgia or visit the breathtaking deserts in Uzbekistan.

7 Reasons Why You Need To Travel In 2021

4- Celebrate 2021 Like Its 2020

We’ve all missed some special celebrations from last year, but you don’t have to worry about it. You can relive the missed celebrations of 2020 and party to your heart’s content. Nobody needs to miss out on these happy occasions.

Start planning the same celebrations with a 2021 vibe. You can make them surprise parties to ramp up the excitement. Or book a trip for your loved one for the ultimate birthday or anniversary treat. It’s a different year, but it doesn’t matter. Party on!

7 Reasons Why You Need To Travel In 2021

5- More Choices for Tourists

Now more destinations are opening for tourists as the number of vaccinated people increases. It’s an excellent opportunity to go and see something different. Or, if you have a favorite place, you can get ready to revisit it.

It is the perfect time to go before the masses of tourists arrive. You can go on a safe holiday trip by following the local travel requirements. The only concern you will have is to pick the best location that you know you will love. 

7 Reasons Why You Need To Travel In 2021

6-Remembering to Appreciate Your Life

The travel restrictions have affected regular UAE travelers. You have probably spent most of the pandemic stuck at home. Your home is your sanctuary, but it’s not the same as going on holiday. You can get rid of the daily routine and enjoy absolute freedom.

Now is the time to remember what you love about your life. Discovering new places, checking into a beautiful hotel, or going on an organized trip. These are the things that enrich our lives and keep us happy. It’s time to get back out there and enjoy your life.

7 Reasons Why You Need To Travel In 2021

7- Traveling from the UAE Without Stress

You might be unsure of the green list countries or the latest travel requirements. It is easier than you think to travel from the UAE. Our travel consultants have their fingers on the pulse and can plan your trip hassle-free.  

So, you don’t have to search endlessly online to find out the latest information. Let us know where your dream holiday is for 2021, and we can plan everything for you. Start your holiday trip stress-free; by letting us handle all the little details for you.

7 Reasons Why You Need To Travel In 2021

Staying at home during the pandemic has opened our eyes to the beauty of our planet Earth. No wonder we are all excited and ready to visit our favorite hotspots. Also, to meet up with our family and friends after so long. Thankfully, we can now travel to the places of our dreams safely and sustainably. We should remember to respect the planet and be environmentally friendly on all our trips. You can leave gentle footprints in the sand and take home refreshing holiday memories.